Rohan Solomon

Its taken 12 long years for this 24 year old from New Delhi India to make an indelible mark on the underground rock circuit in India. From pre-teen neighbourhood strumming to sweeping school and college music awards to becoming the front man and vocalist of Cyanide one of the most respected alternative rock bands in India.

For a man with no formal training in music Rohan has created quite a buzz throughout the country. Featured in numerous national TV interviews and reality shows including the popular Channel V Rohan completed a successful tour with Cyanide performing to rave audiences throughout the country. Over the years he has built a sizeable fan following and is inundated with fan mail from India and abroad.

Encouraged by these successes Rohan has decided to step into the international music circuit. Attributing his success to the grace of God he decided to make his debut album called "Lead the Way" exalting the almighty. Written and composed by him personally each song cuts across religious lines and invokes the guidance of the one and only creator of all.


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