The band was formed in 2002 while each of its members were still in school. Over the years as they progressed through school and college competitions and evolving line-ups they managed to develop a decent fan base. After playing numerous shows in many different venues their original music started to become quite popular amongst their audience. As the band is known for it’s foot-tapping guitar riffs and melodic pop choruses the word of their music began to spread.

In 2007 they were one of the 4 finalists in Channel [V] Launchpad where they played in front a crowd of almost 10 000. Ever since then they played at numerous prestigious music festivals such as “The Eastwind Festival” and “The Great Indian Rock Festival”. In the summer of 2008 they played a country wide tour where they played in cities like Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Calcutta Simla … to name a few.

Earlier this year they signed with 44G Records and released an EP (Exptended Play) titled “Not over yet” in the month of April which is being downloaded through out the country and has managed to maintain the band’s No.1 position on the “Reverbnation Charts” As of now they working on a full scale album which will be released later this year on the same record label.


Music Basti Workshop 10-04-2010
Breakfast Jam - 95FM 05-12-2009

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